Q Post Shows Shanghai Arrest in “Real Time” Wed. Feb 7 – Shanghai Video

published: 2018-02-08 06:17:01

Wednesday feb 7 was another big day for Q drops. The highlight was an arrest Q shared with us in real time, and we have today’s headlines: the Clintons Controlled Obama according to FBI Informant, and the latest batch of FBI Texts Show Obama Lied about the Clinton email investigation.
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  1. I am liking your videos more so than others.   Even though I am somewhere between Atheist and Agnostic,  I pray along with you.   The power of prayer is also known as mass conscienceness,  if you have love for manking (short for humankind MR TRUDEAU)  I want to join in on the prayer.

  2. here is a clue as to what is going on that so few are catching on to….   The Senate is the gate keeper,,,,  Q needs to say that…  then ask who prosecutes crimes,  who confirms them,   why can't Trump fire sessions….   Q isn't telling us what we need to know.

  3. While you read the text please ensure that the text is shown in the screen

  4. CHRISTOPHER STEELE was a no show, was he arrested?

  5. Good report. There is a guy in the UK that is usually the first to post new Q drops, but he isn't real good at  knowing certain terms but he is learning. I am just happy to see Q spreading. Keep up the good work you are  doing spreading the word, subbed.


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