Shanghai woman splashes ink on face of portrait of Xi Jinping – Shanghai Video

published: 2018-07-04 18:19:15


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  1. This video should attract more attention. You have to understand the courage it takes for a person in China, one of the 5 most authoritarian regimes in the world, to do this act of defiance. And she is a girl. This act put the silent chinese men who allow themselves and their families to be forced to kneel to the communist dictators' rule to shame. No matter how powerful a dictatorship seems to be, its continued existence is completely dependent on the obedience and inaction of the people. If the people wake up and refuse to bow down and bury their heads any more, the most ruthless autocracy will fall. Hope this girl's courageous demonstration of a human being's desire for freedom and democracy will mark a new era in China when the people will finally start to say we can't take it any longer and fight for the basic rights that being a human should deserve.

  2. Because no English translation of what she said

  3. She is super brave!!! God bless her safe…

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