What did I buy from Dior and a Shanghai Jet Lag Skin and Makeup Routine – Shanghai Video

published: 2019-03-14 19:36:07

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What did I buy from Dior and a Shanghai Jet Lag Skin and Makeup Routine

This was SUCH an amazing trip to Shanghai with some incredibly inspirational women, I’ve been so excited to share everything we did with you! Shanghai is such an incredible place and to get to experience it with my favourite Dior Beauty team and meet Cara as well, made it all the more special. This video is not sponsored πŸ™‚

Apologies for the sound issues in the vlog this week, we’ll fix it soon!

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**Previous PR Gift but Repurchased
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What I’m Wearing ❀

Cream Hoody: https://rstyle.me/~aN8Df *
Pearl Earrings: Dior Tribales
Biker Jacket: https://rstyle.me/+j1tS3durCBsEGZf3c2NXWg *
Striped Top: https://rstyle.me/+agT_EyTrBj6i2YxwkJ3Qgw *
Dior Studded Bag: https://fave.co/2tUUUdL
Navy Trousers: https://rstyle.me/n/dfnw9vuige *
Dior Heels: https://rstyle.me/+o5t0GRw4LoFFI9gpSguE0A (New Season)
Biker Jacket: https://rstyle.me/n/detpzpuige *
Floral Jumpsuit: https://rstyle.me/n/dgznbsuige *
Lady Dior: https://fave.co/2EXKNvj
Dior Necklace/Bracelets: Kindly loaned πŸ™‚
Dior Belt: Dior Boutiques
Dior Slingbacks: https://rstyle.me/+SDhzYrIVaHXfEb9oaWiJKw (Kitten Version)
Dior Coat: Kindly loaned πŸ™‚
Dior Dress: Kindly loaned πŸ™‚
Dior Watch: https://rstyle.me/+PNYraTjk_GcDAABCbx__Pg (Custom Strap)

Beauty Products Used/Mentioned ❀

Dior Stellar Shine Lipsticks: Launching soon!
AlumierMD Skincare: https://www.alumiermd.com/
Drunk Elephant Vit C: https://rstyle.me/+Hb9jFIW60QLQkwB-S92A5g **
La Mer Renewal Oil: https://rstyle.me/+irQgsdcANo-tObeArlDckA **
Dior Forever Skin Glow: https://rstyle.me/+aFd3ttR8Wo4UBH_bCaTb0w *
Dior Forever Concealer: https://rstyle.me/+JL1YXu0uSBuzAI_rsIGzCQ *
NARS Soft Matte Concealer: https://rstyle.me/+N2gjNlrKTyT1sAg0wHmrEw **
Dior Loose Powder: https://rstyle.me/+tBi9T72Yr-3jgYMXVshDgQ *
Dior Mineral Bronzer: https://rstyle.me/+-J-zWRFShYGaz4znjUxzeQ *
Dior Mineral Luminizer: https://rstyle.me/+zbU98auATlELFFolw44AWw
Dior Eyeshadows: Sold Out
Benefit BadGal Bang: https://rstyle.me/+BckKtYiwGbfLBeuNcCXaeQ *
Lumene Eyebrow Wax: Sold Out
Dior Addict 316/Incognito: Sold Out

What/Who Else is in The Vlog ❀

Alex: https://www.instagram.com/harrison
Amelia: https://www.instagram.com/amelialiana
Lauren: https://www.instagram.com/laurenmurdochsmith
Farrah: https://www.instagram.com/farrahkarimian87

Peninsula Shanghai: https://www.peninsula.com/en/shanghai/5-star-luxury-hotel-bund (Gifted stay courtesy of Dior Beauty)

You can find info about all the Cameras and Lenses we use here: https://fave.co/2HznAkM

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Contact: http://www.gleamfutures.com/client-contact/victoria

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Thank you so much for watching and for the support you always give me – it truly means the world to me! Love you guys so much ❀


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  1. I am loving all the pictures from Shanghai!! Incredible work! As usual <3

  2. Yay, it’s 5:30 am in Australia β€οΈπŸ’•

  3. Love u soooo much!!!!! XXXXXX

  4. You look absolutely radiant in this vlog! 😍

  5. — I love this vlog but every time I see things like this, I feel so inadequate …

  6. Lovely vlog Victoria! We’ve just watched Bohemian Rhapsody aswell, what’d you think?

  7. I loooove the jumpsuit, so beautiful! Itβ€˜s perfect for you! 😍 I also really want to go to Shanghai 😍


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