CryptoFace In China – Day 2 – Shanghai Street Madness – Shanghai Video

published: 2019-04-15 00:52:01

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  1. The guy making the dumplins looks like your brother 😉

  2. Shanghai? Mainland china somewhere?

  3. you can have that crowd, not for me

  4. Ganna gets some stir fry later, some duck ping moaw or someshit

  5. Take us bar hopping or to the club bro, where the girls at lad ?

  6. Face out there in the C doing it big 👌😄👌

  7. Security look like the Merovingian from the Matrix Reloaded 🤣😄🤣

  8. You like watch, you like watch – fake Rolex in the back streets lol

  9. Nice job with the camera work….not easy filming and walking in the CHyna crowd.A little time off will do ya good…. peace CF

  10. super cool cf. hope u have a blast my man

  11. Terrible Traders alway Shanghai checkout. Crypto Face just checks out Shanghai instead.


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