Shanghai Showdown – Battlefield 4 Shanghai Mission – Shanghai Video

published: 2019-07-11 11:00:02

Gameplay of “shanghai” mission in battlefield 4


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  1. man I hate being in the basement I legit just saw a teleporting centipede

  2. 1:58
    What the hell!?
    He just went through

    Also 0:571:14
    Maybe you will regret yourself, because recker is MUTE

  3. I have a question to you all. If you were in a situation at the end where Pac, Irish, and you were stuck in a boat with people only to be surrounded by others who are stranded. What would you most likely do? Would you save your own and not risk your comrades lives of spies and whatnot? Or would you save these people and have the possibility for risking you and all of everyone on board?

  4. Fun fact:Kovic was hungarian,
    Laszlo W. Kovic=,,Kovács" is a very common surname in hungary and a profession, it means,,Smith"

  5. Respect from Malaysia 🇲🇾/Hormat dari Malaysia.

  6. Everytime when I play this mission I don't like the part when I have to run from the Type 99 MBT Main Battle Tank chasing us across the streets of Shanghai and destroying two of them with Mines. For me now I'm used to dealing with that part of the mission I just find running and destroying the Type 99s in this mission annoying

  7. I don't like how they make Irish swear so much. He's a great and tough guy and all but does that mean they had to have him swear so goddamn much?

  8. From Tehran to Shanghai
    Next what? Pyongyang? Moscow?

  9. this campaign is bugged I believe. Most of the times your AI cant shoot anything


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